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From Which We Return

I was watching another episode of Arrow about two weeks ago (if you haven’t seen the show yet, I highly recommend it!) and there was some dialogue going on that peaked my interest. I don’t remember the exact wording, but the quote went something like this…

“There comes in a time in a person’s life when they enter a crucible. A box, cage, trapped space of darkness from which there appears no return. But then the impossible happens. A possibility of three amazing things. Either you die in your own crucible, never to be seen or heard from again. Either you become comfortable with the pain. The darkness and it is your norm. Or…you rise from it. Strong. Stronger than you ever thought possible. A new forged strength of iron will and determination. A new creation all together. Sometimes….the crucible creates a new what it destroys.”

I think that applies to us in real life too. Everyone goes through a situation, however long, that pushes them to the limits and tests their will. I can personally attest to this fact. 2013 has been a trying time for me (more on that in another blog post perhaps). I’ve gone through things that made me cry. Made me angry. Made me question my existence in life. But some part of me has thrived in the darkness my mind has created. I hope this is the case for you too. Mysterious reader of my humble blog. We all have the strength to push through our obstacles. We have it in us. No we owe to us to push through the darkness, because we are worth it. We are all strong! And you have to face your obstacles head on and arise stronger and better than you were before. Reach into your inner warrior and don’t let anything take it away from you!!


Cake Logic

This honestly made me smile haha. But it’s also very true. I think one of the big things about Life Bucket is the tendency to stop our indulgances and think for a moment. We must ask ourselves how this is benefitting us (besides great taste!). But more important of all how is it harming us. Having a slice of cake is no crime and is something that is encouraged from time to time. But having a whole cake. Damn that’s gonna make you look like a bucket lol (really the blogger is resorting to corny jokes? Yes I am…shut up and read lol).


You could justify pretty much everything….
Very dangerous, haha.

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12 Steps To Self Care

12 Steps To Self Care

A list of 12 great reminders of how to take care of one’s well being. I thought this was a great addition to the blog. I think the ones I need to work on most are 3, 7, and 9. I will definitely do my best to improve in those areas. Implement these into your Life Bucket. I will do the same and we can all live more in tune with ourselves and much better. Which ones do you follow the most? Which ones do you need to work on?

Freak Storm

First of all I would like to comment on a few things.

1) I know it’s been AGES since I’ve updated this blog (is anyone even reading this? lol)

2) I will try to update a little more frequently. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and I suppose it hasn’t become habit just yet

3) I hope all my Canadian readers had a happy and safe Canada Day. I hope all my American Readers had a happy and safe 4th of July!


Yesterday was a very scary and freaky day for sure. Heavy rains resulted in massive flooding here in Toronto, Canada. I unfortunately was one of the people effected. Though thankfully there was no damage and only minor flooding. Our basement isn’t finished so that helped things a lot. It wasn’t too bad getting the water out. I saw someone across the street using a bucket though! I felt bad. I wanted to help (since helping others is a major component of the Life Bucket philosophy. What? You didn’t know? Okay well now you do) but it was raining so heavily. I honestly didn’t want to go outside lol. But it made me concerned about the state of my own basement. I’m so glad I checked it out! And if things couldn’t get any worse (I mean they always do right?) the power went out as soon as I finished getting all that damn water out! Thankfully I am prepared for situations like this and got my flashlight and emergency candles in hand. The power was out for about 8 hours. And it wasn’t just our home or the neighborhood. It was the ENTIRE CITY! Driving around for a bit in search of food, I noticed traffic lights. Street lights. Even those pedestrian signals were all OUT OF COMMISSION! Restaurants, stores. All closed. Even McDonalds of all places wasn’t open. I swear it was a scene from a movie where the end of the world had arrived!!

For more news on this you can check out the link below:

Now that the chaos and flooding has subsided. Peace has been restored. I am reflecting on one thing. I am grateful. Yes grateful that I did not have any major water damage like some people might have had (flooding isn’t covered by insurance here in Canada by the way so it really sucks if you do get water damage). I am grateful that my mom didn’t get into an accident coming home from work with all the chaos going on outside. I am grateful that I still have a house to live in.  And as much as it sucked to remove the water from the basement it could have been much worse for me like it was for some other people.

Gratefulness. A quality that is definitely part of the Life Bucket philosophy. What were you experiences like with this massive rain?

BBQ Fun!

Whoa it’s been a long time since I last updated! Sorry about that folks, but I’m still getting used to the idea of maintaining a blog heh. I’m sure I’ll get better at managing it in time though! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did! I went to a BBQ at my friend’s place. Yeah they had to have it on the hottest day of the month but oh well. We were not going to let heat stop us from having fun. Food was good (at least to the best of my friend’s ability to grill it) and we had a water balloon fight as well. Those are always a blast!

My social skills seem to be getting better as well. I noticed I was completely comfortable around brand new people I was meeting for the first time (my friend’s fiance’s friends). In the past I struggle with what to talk about, especially around strangers, but this time it all came natural. I was proud of myself. It’s a good feeling when you can feel progress being made.

To Win At Any Cost?

Hello again world what’s shaken? (ladies care to show me if you’re not the verbal type. LOL jk =P).  Today’s entry is focussed around a theme that I take very seriously. Before I dive into the post I want everyone to understand this is my opinion, and I understand (and respect) that others may disagree with me. That’s totally cool.

I’ve been watching a show that’s piqued my interest so far called Master Chef. In case you’re not familiar with the show it’s about a group of amateur cooks that are selected by three, distinct judges to compete in this cooking competition. The cooks battle to the death using frying pans and rolling pins as their weaponry, and the last cook standing is declared the Master Chef all throughout Nottingham and wins the love of Princess Fillet. If you believed the last part well….I feel sorry for you lol. Seriously though it’s a cool show and I recommend you check it out, especially if you like food and cooking like I do 🙂

What has me so interested in this season of the show you ask? (besides food). One of the contestants is a blind girl named Christine. Not to sound judgemental or come across as an ass, but my first thought was “What is a blind girl doing on a cooking show?” I have to admit, she has blown my mind with what she is capable of despite her visual limitation. She is truly a source of inspiration and has now changed that initial thought to “How is a blind girl whooping some serious ass on a cooking show?” protagonist of Allucaneat Kingdom? Check!

Now for our antagonist, Ryan. Here is where my opinion really comes into play and once again if you disagree with me I understand and respect that. I even encourage you to share your thoughts/opinions on the issue as well. On the episode I watched, Ryan won the last challenge (curse you Gods of Gorgonzola!) and was allowed to pick who gets to work with canned crab and who gets to work with LIVE crab (watch out for that pinch attack!). Ryan strategically (and diabolically) planned who got to work with what in order to fuel his own agenda. The judges pulled out Christine’s name and he even admitted she was a strong contender and wanted her out because it threatened his chance at winning. The judges looked at him with curiosity. He then chose the live crab for her. As one of the other contestants put it “What kind of asshole gives a blind girl a live crab? That’s just wrong!” perfectly illustrates my feelings towards the choice. I was upset (no I was fucking pissed) at his decision. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s a competition and everyone is doing what they can to win, but I’ve always believed that an honorable defeat is better than a dishonorable victory. And giving a live crab to a blind girl, even if she may be a strong contender, is dishonorable in my opinion.

Giving the live crab to Christine is just the tip of the iceberg! In addition to winning the previous challenge, Ryan got to stand in the “safe zone” and watch the other cooks perform without having to do the next challenge himself. He was watching Christine struggle with the live crab and smirked. It was honestly VERY difficult for her to work with but her determination was sharper than the crab’s pincers. The judges even discussed amongst themselves how impressed they were with her tenacity. However, Christine ended up getting a gash on her finger from the crab after it got hold of it. The medic had to be called and promptly patched her up. Ryan was watching from the safe zone laughing.


THE ASSHOLE WAS LAUGHING AT HER! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You dishonorable prick! First you give her a live crab now you’re laughing at her injury!? I wanted to rearrange his face. However, in the end Christine still came up on top with her dish! It was at this moment I had a look of amazement unlike any other moment. My jaw was dropped to the floor in astonishment. How…what..where!? How did this girl, who was blind, whoop everyone’s ass in making a dish that involved LIVE CRAB!? My mind was blown away into fragments of disbelief. And where was Ryan throughout all this you may ask? Hanging his head low while that cocky grin sagged into a frown of embarrassment and disappointment, as the judges looked at him and exclaimed “Your plan really fucked up didn’t it Ryan?” A smile of joy over took my face.

I’m immensely happy now that Ryan is eliminated (due to the lava cake challenge of DOOM from yesterday’s episode). Though I will admit one thing. At least Ryan went out honorably, by giving up his apron, when Chef Ramsay said he’ll let the competitor who deserves to leave approach on their own accord. The moral of the story? Karma’s a bitch and a honorable defeat is better than a dishonorable victory. Conduct your lives with integrity, honor, faith, and understanding my fellow readers. Rise above a standard far greater than what society deems “acceptable”. A standard once held in high regard yet sadly diminishing. But never, truly forgotten. For without these humanity will truly be lost.

An Accomplishing Energy

When you harness the power of the driving force within. Success is within your reach!

Today was a great day! The weather was beautiful and perfect for a jog at the track with friends. I love jogging in a group as it provides more motivation. Everyone can give each other a much-needed “push” which is always handy and encouraging.

I was really proud of my friends and how well they did. One of them, Krystal, did ten laps I believe! That’s quite an accomplishment and she should definitely be proud of herself! I was proud of how well I did as well. I think I out did myself compared to last time I went jogging on the track. I don’t recall the exact number of laps, since when I’m jogging my mind goes into this blank state (some would say it’s always blank but screw them lol), but Krystal told me I completed about 20 laps when we were finished. WHOA! 20 LAPS!? HOLLY PINACOLADES BATMAN!” was my first thought (ok the batman part I may have made up). I was completely surprised and had this immense feeling of accomplishment flowing through my veins!

Now don’t get me wrong. I really had to dig deep and push myself to complete such a feat. I was really tired close to the end of it but something inside me said to keep going. I had this desire to keep running despite my body feeling drained, my knees getting stiff and the sweat pouring down my face and body. A deeper reservoir of “energy” surfaced. It empowered me to keep going. Mind and body united. I had no idea what form of energy this was. All I knew was it came from thinking about someone very special to me. It was rather….spritual you could say.

This form of “energy” was very new to me and it was then that I truly understood that “energy” is very different from how we’re taught about conventionally in school or how our bodies use it. My friend, Eddi, once told me this, however, I only partially understood the significance of it at the time. Hearing about something and experiencing it are two very different things after all. This wasn’t energy from macromolecules broken down by the body. This was energy coming from the mind and soul. A much greater driving force that I couldn’t possibly fathom. The thoughts and desire of wanting to reach a certain goal in mind. The imagery of a special person pushing me each way and not allowing me to give up. The belief that this mere track was incapable of puncturing my iron will and determination to conquer it. This was the “energy” I felt, in all its abundance, flowing through me and empowering my muscles not to give up. It was a very powerful source of fuel indeed that allowed me to reach this journey of accomplishment. I will do my best to harness this incredible power for all that I choose to pursue. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m craving a Pina Collada =P What gives you a great feeling of accomplishment? What is a powerful source of “energy” for you?