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What’s Your Decision?

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Let me first begin by saying hello to anyone that is reading this. I am grateful you are taking the time to read my blog! This is my first time attempting to do such a thing so I’m still in the process of getting everything exactly the way I want it. Now onto the first thought of this blogging adventure…

“What’s your decision?” That is exactly what I asked myself when deciding which host to choose for my blog. I was checking out different providers, reading different reviews, and getting feedback from friends. I just couldn’t seem to decide! At first it seemed silly to me. How could it be SO DIFFICULT to decide on such a simple thing? Of course I underestimated the gravity of the decision-making process involved. This was more than a mere, simple decision. It was a decision for my “home”. Well, an online home if you prefer to think of it that way. Do Bloggers think of their blog that way? It occurred to me I was not crazy (my mother had me tested. Don’t worry). A sane person, looking for a residence, would simply not purchase the first house they saw. Maybe a sane Blogger doesn’t begin with the first service they see. Anyway, after some soul-searching (and banging my head on a wall) I decided to call (don’t you dare forget that capital “P” or they’ll hunt you down!) my “online home”

For me personally, I feel quite confident most of the time with the end result. I get a little flustered when comparing different options though (especially in the world we live in where the amount of choices for anything seems infinite and overwhelming). Deciding on a blog service was driving me bonkers though perhaps it being my first time engaging in such an endeavor. However, I am pleased with the choice I have made so far. I would also like to extend a great “thank you” to a friend of mine, who goes by the alias xsquarestickit, for his help and advice in helping me make this decision. How do you feel when making decisions?

Please make sure to leave a comment by clicking the appropriate link. You can also subscribe to email updates for this blog if you wish, though at the moment I am planning to update it weekly. Thank you for taking the first step with me into this blogging adventure and being a part of my world.