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Freak Storm

First of all I would like to comment on a few things.

1) I know it’s been AGES since I’ve updated this blog (is anyone even reading this? lol)

2) I will try to update a little more frequently. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and I suppose it hasn’t become habit just yet

3) I hope all my Canadian readers had a happy and safe Canada Day. I hope all my American Readers had a happy and safe 4th of July!


Yesterday was a very scary and freaky day for sure. Heavy rains resulted in massive flooding here in Toronto, Canada. I unfortunately was one of the people effected. Though thankfully there was no damage and only minor flooding. Our basement isn’t finished so that helped things a lot. It wasn’t too bad getting the water out. I saw someone across the street using a bucket though! I felt bad. I wanted to help (since helping others is a major component of the Life Bucket philosophy. What? You didn’t know? Okay well now you do) but it was raining so heavily. I honestly didn’t want to go outside lol. But it made me concerned about the state of my own basement. I’m so glad I checked it out! And if things couldn’t get any worse (I mean they always do right?) the power went out as soon as I finished getting all that damn water out! Thankfully I am prepared for situations like this and got my flashlight and emergency candles in hand. The power was out for about 8 hours. And it wasn’t just our home or the neighborhood. It was the ENTIRE CITY! Driving around for a bit in search of food, I noticed traffic lights. Street lights. Even those pedestrian signals were all OUT OF COMMISSION! Restaurants, stores. All closed. Even McDonalds of all places wasn’t open. I swear it was a scene from a movie where the end of the world had arrived!!

For more news on this you can check out the link below:

Now that the chaos and flooding has subsided. Peace has been restored. I am reflecting on one thing. I am grateful. Yes grateful that I did not have any major water damage like some people might have had (flooding isn’t covered by insurance here in Canada by the way so it really sucks if you do get water damage). I am grateful that my mom didn’t get into an accident coming home from work with all the chaos going on outside. I am grateful that I still have a house to live in.  And as much as it sucked to remove the water from the basement it could have been much worse for me like it was for some other people.

Gratefulness. A quality that is definitely part of the Life Bucket philosophy. What were you experiences like with this massive rain?