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12 Steps To Self Care

12 Steps To Self Care

A list of 12 great reminders of how to take care of one’s well being. I thought this was a great addition to the blog. I think the ones I need to work on most are 3, 7, and 9. I will definitely do my best to improve in those areas. Implement these into your Life Bucket. I will do the same and we can all live more in tune with ourselves and much better. Which ones do you follow the most? Which ones do you need to work on?


An Accomplishing Energy

When you harness the power of the driving force within. Success is within your reach!

Today was a great day! The weather was beautiful and perfect for a jog at the track with friends. I love jogging in a group as it provides more motivation. Everyone can give each other a much-needed “push” which is always handy and encouraging.

I was really proud of my friends and how well they did. One of them, Krystal, did ten laps I believe! That’s quite an accomplishment and she should definitely be proud of herself! I was proud of how well I did as well. I think I out did myself compared to last time I went jogging on the track. I don’t recall the exact number of laps, since when I’m jogging my mind goes into this blank state (some would say it’s always blank but screw them lol), but Krystal told me I completed about 20 laps when we were finished. WHOA! 20 LAPS!? HOLLY PINACOLADES BATMAN!” was my first thought (ok the batman part I may have made up). I was completely surprised and had this immense feeling of accomplishment flowing through my veins!

Now don’t get me wrong. I really had to dig deep and push myself to complete such a feat. I was really tired close to the end of it but something inside me said to keep going. I had this desire to keep running despite my body feeling drained, my knees getting stiff and the sweat pouring down my face and body. A deeper reservoir of “energy” surfaced. It empowered me to keep going. Mind and body united. I had no idea what form of energy this was. All I knew was it came from thinking about someone very special to me. It was rather….spritual you could say.

This form of “energy” was very new to me and it was then that I truly understood that “energy” is very different from how we’re taught about conventionally in school or how our bodies use it. My friend, Eddi, once told me this, however, I only partially understood the significance of it at the time. Hearing about something and experiencing it are two very different things after all. This wasn’t energy from macromolecules broken down by the body. This was energy coming from the mind and soul. A much greater driving force that I couldn’t possibly fathom. The thoughts and desire of wanting to reach a certain goal in mind. The imagery of a special person pushing me each way and not allowing me to give up. The belief that this mere track was incapable of puncturing my iron will and determination to conquer it. This was the “energy” I felt, in all its abundance, flowing through me and empowering my muscles not to give up. It was a very powerful source of fuel indeed that allowed me to reach this journey of accomplishment. I will do my best to harness this incredible power for all that I choose to pursue. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m craving a Pina Collada =P What gives you a great feeling of accomplishment? What is a powerful source of “energy” for you?